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When you live in an area that’s prone to tornados, flooding and ice storms, disaster recovery and business continuity plans are a must.



Disaster recovery plans act as your instruction manual in times of crisis. Did you find out there was a data breach on your servers? Did a tornado wipe out your storage unit with all of your archived files? Disaster recovery plans help you determine the steps you’ll need to take to make sure your business can get back on track. Business continuity plans, on the other hand, are immediate plans for keeping your business operational. It helps you determine the immediate necessities for you and your employees to continue serving your customers. When created properly, they can make sure your business comes back from a disaster stronger than ever.


Business continuity means different things for different businesses. For some, it’s just being able to get access to their data and phone systems after a disaster. For others, it means complete continuity of service, even in the middle of a crisis. Our goal is to make sure you are always able to work with your customers. How quickly you get back to fully functioning is up to you. We can create a solution that allows you to be back up and running in days or seconds.


You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why proactive plans are so important. If something were to happen to your business or your data, would you know that all of your data was still available? Would you be able to set up a temporary work space if yours was destroyed? If you are proactively planning for the worst, the outcome will always be the best.


As technology changes, it becomes more complicated and sometimes vulnerable. At Centric, we have more than a combined 30 years of technology experience. We know how to help you and your employees identify scams before they can hurt your business. We know what to do if someone breaks through your firewalls. We know the impact something like this could have on your business. If the worst case scenario happens, we’ll make sure you know exactly how to survive it.


Planning for something that might happen, when you’ve got a company to run, can seem like a waste of time. The hows and whys of planning for the unknowns are time-consuming, tedious and confusing. But not having a disaster recovery plan in this town will be more detrimental in the long run than setting aside the time to think about it now.

Disaster recovery plans are based on your specific business needs and have clearly identified tasks that must be taken to keep your business going during a crisis. They act as your roadmap in the middle of a disaster. They keep you on track.

Work with one of our experts to create a disaster recovery plan that will work for your business.



The most important asset to your business is your data. It tells you who your customers are, what they want, how you’ll meet their needs and the timeline you need to keep. That’s why data backups have to be an integral part of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans. You have to have a way to access your customers’ information, especially when a disaster strikes. We work with TierPoint – an expert data center service provider – to make sure that your data stays secure at all times.


Email has now become our primary form of internal and external communication. With so much valuable information entering and leaving our businesses through the medium, there needs to be a way for businesses to automate the storage, classification and deletion of employee emails. Centric partners with other leading email experts to provide our customers with a solution that meets their business needs and also functions behind the scenes, so they never have to worry about it.


For executives who may not understand the intricacies of technology, creating a complete business continuity plan can be very difficult. One of the first things we do with all of our clients is create these plans. We work with you to identify your base needs, and design a plan that meets those needs and can be implemented as soon as a crisis starts to occur.


Our goal is to make sure you have all the tools you need to thrive in 417.

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